While sticking to schedules and deadlines is sometimes tough, it’s satisfying to take action and look back on a week of making headway.  I feel good.  Having a fairly successful first week, has already given me a renewed sense of can-do attitude.  I’ve listened to twenty minutes of a Spanish learning podcast for the past five days while making and eating my breakfast in the morning.  What’s my favorite phrase I’ve learned so far?  “Por si las moscas,” thanks to Coffee Break Spanish, which directly translate into something about flies but means “just in case.”

I have subscribed to the Economist.  How cool is that they have a student subscription of the magazine for $64 off the regular price?  While I am still waiting for my first issue to arrive I have full access to the website and have downloaded the latest issue into iTunes.  When I originally learned that there was an audio version I immediately thought it would be easy to just listen to the issue each week, but I was surprised to find out that the current issue would take over nine hours to get through.  Yikes!  It may just be quicker to read it, but my first full read cover to cover may be put off until my first issue arrives in the mail.  In the meantime I have listened to about an hour or so of content while driving.  It has given me the experience of feeling very uneducated about the world and current events, but left me with a sense how much conflict there seems to be.

I heard somewhere that if you simply keep track of progress, you are much more likely to be successful.  I thought I would give this a try as I’ve never done it before and have a proven track record of not following through on personal goals.  I created a free account on and have added four commitments:

  1. Learn Spanish:  I commit to listening to a Spanish-learning podcast or using Rosetta stone for 20 minutes daily Monday-Friday for 52 weeks
  2. Read the Economist:  I commit to reading or listening to the full issue each week for 52 weeks.
  3. One Book a Week:  I commit to reading or listening to one book per week for 52 weeks.
  4. Add Content to My Blog:  I commit to publishing new content to my blog at least once a week most preferably on Fridays (in the event of scheduling I can’t do Friday, must be rearranged for earlier in the week) for 52 weeks

Stickk suggests adding supporters, a referee and putting money at stake in order to get you to follow through, but being a chicken-shit, I skipped all this.  I’m a bit unclear whether you can add this later in the process, edit commitments or allow others to openly view your commitments without an invitation.  These are things I am going to have to look into.  I set up a reporting period at the end of each week and I suspect some of why I did so good this week with activities was because I was determined to not have my first report be a bad one.  I’m feeling particularly pressured to finish up The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future by Chris Guillibeau.  I need to complete it by tomorrow and my kindle indicates I’m only at 36 percent.

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