Unleash the Power from Within

Me with Tony & Sage Robbins…and all the other awesome crew at UPW Orlando 2012! Yes, I am there. Towards the front left.

I sheepishly come around to writing this week.  As Gretchen Rubin mentions several times in her book, The Happiness Project, she likes her gold stars and I got to say I do to.  It has been easier to write for the previous few weeks because each week I had made what felt like adequate progress towards my self-directed graduate program.  I had listened to my Spanish podcasts, read and listened to books on tape, visited my mother-in-law to practice Spanish, and dutifully posted to my blog each week.  For a few days I was derailed and I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I am now behind and failing on this project.  I missed a few activities, failed to plan for some others I need to start taking action on, and didn’t promptly check of the ones I did complete at Stickk.com.  The good news is I wasn’t derailed by laziness, but rather by running around to various mandatory appointments to complete my acceptance into nursing school and a five day get-away to Orlando for a Tony Robbins’ seminar, Unleash the Power From Within.

If anyone has attended a Tony Robbins’ event, you know that there is absolutely no time for anything else while you are there.  I foolishly brought workout clothes hoping I’d squeeze in a quick run in the morning.  The day starts early and ends late.   My fiancé and I had planned to attend Unleash the Power from Within for several months, as it was fairly close by in Orlando.  As I had already participated in the program a few years ago I volunteered as part of the crew and he attended as a participant.

The event is a once and lifetime experience I wish everyone had the opportunity to attend.  The thing about it is, I find it kind of hard to explain to people what it is all about.  The event is certainly life changing and countless people go on to do amazing things post-event such as loose massive amounts of weight, start successful businesses, dramatically increase their incomes, add passion to their lives and redefine their relationships.   I’ve heard several personal accounts that are truly inspiring.  It’s actually fairly disappointing to get back from such an incredible event eager to share your excitement with friends and family only to hear, mostly in their tonality, their confusion why you would spend time and money on such a thing.  I think it is mostly because they have never been part of something like this before and have no frame of reference for it.  It’s not like everyone is off to life changing seminars every weekend to better their lives.

Getting the opportunity to volunteer, as part of the crew was an interesting experience.  When I had attended a few years back I was so hyped to go, that I practically skipped into the event and while some parts of the event are emotionally intense, felt in general on a high the whole time I was there.  I mistakenly thought everyone would show up that way.  It was interesting to see how many people show up on the first day practically dragging their feet or feel like friends or family has dragged them there.  Many are skeptical about what they are in for and fearful that they have made the wrong decision to be there.  Most are aware that there is a firewalk across hot coals the first day of the event and are convinced that there is no way that they will do it.  Being part of crew, you kind of get an overall feel for the crowd and it is amazing to see how people’s energy shifts as that first day goes on.   By the late evening, mostly everyone charges across hot coals at over 1,000 degrees.

The last time I remember formally volunteering for something was when I was in high school and my mother, a family friend and I all made a ton of mashed potatoes and brought it over to serve at a Thanksgiving meal that was being offered for those without.  The thing about it was I’m more than certain it wasn’t my idea to do this, but probably something my mom had planned and I willingly or more likely, half-heartedly went along with.  Volunteering at Unleash the Power from Within may be the first time I have initiated, at age 30, formally volunteering my services.  Yes, that is sad.  I left the event knowing I need to add more contribution in my life and find more ways that my services can make a difference.  It’s really a win-win because I found serving puts me in a feel-good leadership position.  I had planned to volunteer this semester at a local hospital to get a better idea of the health-care setting and contribute something, but this semester is close to being over and I haven’t signed up yet.  I see it is going to take something for me to make this happen, but while I have dragged my feet to do so; nevertheless, anticipate it being rewarding.  Like many things, I guess it comes down to action.

If you have any questions about Unleash the Power from Within, shoot me an email.  I’d be happy to talk with you about it.

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