Asking Myself Better Questions

How could I live an extraordinary life that I love?

What can I focus on now that will put me into an empowered state and make me feel good?

How can I make a difference for others?

What do I already have in my life that I am grateful for?

How is abundance already showing up in my life?

How can I put myself into a state where I am centered, empowered, self-spoken, grateful, happy and certain?

How do I train myself to be a master of my thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs?

What business can I create that will leave a lasting impact on people?

What do I already know that I can teach to others?

What do I already understand that I can teach to others?

What muse could I create that could really serve people, is unique, and will provide me with an income of over $8,000 each and every month.

What would I have to focus on in order to achieve all my desires?

What am I really happy about now?

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